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Member Benefits

What FICSA Does for its Members

Represents the interests and defends the rights of international civil servants in interagency bodies and legislative organs of the common system:

  • CEB
  • HLCM
  • HR Network
  • Task Forces
  • ICSC
  • UNJSPB (Observer)

Provides information on conditions of service and assists member associations and unions in interpreting staff regulations and rules

Organizes seminars, workshops and working groups on specific aspects of conditions of service (i.e., salary surveys, survey methodology, job classification)

Advises member associations and unions on staff-management relations

Produces position papers on technical and political aspects of the determination of conditions of service for presentation to interagency bodies and discussion at the FICSA Council

Coordinates system-wide industrial action

Supports the use of the appeal process (internal appeals and Administrative Tribunals) in cases of non-observance of terms of appointment; provides advice on appeals to member associations and unions; seeks to develop the jurisprudence of administrative tribunals by supporting appeals with wide application

Helps to prevent violations of staff rights

Advocates staff positions by lobbying with Member State representatives at the UN General Assembly; provides explanations of how conditions of service are determined

Provides a forum for staff representatives to exchange ideas, share solutions to problems and develop policies on staff representation

Informs all staff about their rights, and issues affecting their conditions of service

Helps to obtain the release of detained and imprisoned staff

Organizes campaigns to support local action by staff associations and unions

Advocates reform of the administration of justice systems and contributes to the development of reformsParticipates in the development of family-friendly workplace policies and monitors implementationAssists in the development of improved security measures for all staff and monitors implementationParticipates in the development of policies on AIDS in the UN workplace issues in Task Force meetings and monitors implementation

Provides information and explanations about new trends in human resources managementProvides a forum for the exchange of information about conditions of service in all international civil services, including those not belonging to the UN system; participates in the development of common strategies to defend all international civil servants

Fights for staff rights to balance the many obligations spelled out in the staff regulations and rulesProvides technical input to deliberations on methodologies to determine salaries, pensions and post adjustment.